Upcycled Plastics Ltd offer a range of eco friendly materials depending on the usage. They have eco-friendly clothing options for just about every type of garment you can imagine! Post consumer Recycled polyester waterproof jackets and coats, organic cotton recycled polyester hats, t-shirts made from plastic bottles… you name it, they have it! Make sure to check out their men’s Sustainable Apparel, Women’s Sustainable Apparel and Sustainable Corporate Workwear. All made in the UK.

We realised that we needed to work with partners to make a difference and so we started to work with SeaQual Intiative (www.seaqual.org) and the SeaQual partners and implement their full traceability process of upcycled products, through an agreement endorsed by the Spanish Government, who incentivise fishermen to trawl the ocean to bring back waste, by casting their nets a mile and a half wide after their fishing day has ended. Please visit www.adifferentballgame.co.uk OR

email linda.ball@upcycledplastics.co.uk