is one of UK’S leading ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable corporate workwear supplier and manufacturer. With our Sustainable medical Scrubs we save 34% water, 39% energy and 36% Co2.

The Spanish Fisherman bring back to shore plastic, which is sorted and pelletised and then upcycled into yarn for weaving into textile.
The upcycled textile is then sent to DBG in the United Kingdom for manufacture into products. Research informs us that with respect to plastic that can be used for textile manufacture, there should be no need to make any new plastic for the next 40 years, with an exponential benefit
to climate change as the result of using our textiles.

• The DBG production process recovers plastic from the ocean and landfill:
• DBG textile can be washed at 90 degrees over 100 times before replacing.
• DBG textile is waterproof, showerproof and
will provide protection from liquid spillage.
• DBG textile saves 34% in Water Usage
• DBG textile saves 39% in Energy
• DBG textile saves 36% in CO2 Emissions
through our Production Process.
• Manufactured in the U.K.

If you’re a manufacturer looking for ethical, sustainable fabrics, please get in touch. We have a huge library of ethically sourced fabrics and our factories have strict environmental strategies in place to make sure their production has a reduced effect on the planet.